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Bat Buddies by gameangel147 Bat Buddies :icongameangel147:gameangel147 4 4 Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Wallpaper by gameangel147 Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Wallpaper :icongameangel147:gameangel147 3 0
Purple and Pink and The Pop-Up Pickle Barrels
       It had been an entire week since the last, interesting event had occurred in rather peaceful town of Ponyville.  These events ranged from mildly amusing to extremely dangerous.  It could be a mean griffon making trouble or an Ursa Minor waking everypony up so that it could trample their homes.  Then there were the really troubling events where some tyrant tried to take over everything, but they weren't exclusive to Ponyville and historians didn't count those.
Historians also didn't count the events that only involved a small group of fillies, their little sisters or their baby dragon friend.  They did realize that most of these events started happening when one of those fillies and the baby dragon arrived in Ponyville and became friends with the other mares.
The group of historians had been formed to document anything and everything that happened in the land of Equestria, with the important events making it into the history books, an
:icongameangel147:gameangel147 2 6
The Cloud Sees All
       Another night, another villainous corporation to infiltrate.  
       I felt a strong feeling of satisfaction as I entered the final command and gained access to the companies systems.  I got to work inserting my malware to do the usual: record and loop their camera feeds, grab their building schematics, neutralize their cyber alarms, and so on.
       “Alright boys and girls, the Cloud is in control,” I said into my headset as I continued to look back and forth between my three monitors.
       “Copy that Cloud.  All units move in.”  Chopper, the team leader gave the order and zip-lined across to the roof with Snip, where they quickly and quietly neutralized the three guards.  I had already disabled the security and opened the door for them.
       Meanwhile, coming up through the sewers were Bravo team.  I watched on the came
:icongameangel147:gameangel147 1 3
Shield Tardis by gameangel147 Shield Tardis :icongameangel147:gameangel147 4 0
The Princess and Her Knight Ch. 1 - To The Rescue
Chapter 1 – To The Rescue
       It was my final year of high school!  Just one more year and I would finish acing standard school.  I still had university afterward but that was in it's own category.  As you have probably guessed, I'm a straight A student, come well prepared and like to go above and beyond with homework.  I already had my future planned out.  First I would go to UCLA to study business and start internships and any number of prominent companies, of which I had already started making a list of.  My best friend, Tammy, has described me as all around “perfect”, though I'm reluctant to agree with her.  I know I'm smart, as I've always been the top of my class and more often than not considered to be the prettiest girl in school.  Now I'm sure I sound egotistical and full of myself, but I'm really not.  I think I'm smart and pretty but not the smartest nor the prettiest.  Plus there are
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Getting There Together by gameangel147 Getting There Together :icongameangel147:gameangel147 6 6 Quicksands of Time by gameangel147 Quicksands of Time :icongameangel147:gameangel147 5 11 Living on the Edge by gameangel147 Living on the Edge :icongameangel147:gameangel147 3 0 Muffin-Powered Lightbulb! by gameangel147 Muffin-Powered Lightbulb! :icongameangel147:gameangel147 2 5 Born to be a Leader by gameangel147 Born to be a Leader :icongameangel147:gameangel147 3 0 Rose is Back! by gameangel147 Rose is Back! :icongameangel147:gameangel147 1 2 Trap or Treasure by gameangel147 Trap or Treasure :icongameangel147:gameangel147 2 0 Getting His Spa Day by gameangel147 Getting His Spa Day :icongameangel147:gameangel147 1 3 Cooking Time by gameangel147 Cooking Time :icongameangel147:gameangel147 3 6 Catching Ray by gameangel147 Catching Ray :icongameangel147:gameangel147 1 3





Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there everyone!

I've currently been trying to become a Game Designer, but that's on hold while I study Networking. I currently draw for fun but would like to become good at it, still for fun. I still need a lot of practice and I plan to see how far I can get!

I love talking to people so if you ever want to talk, feel free to message me!! :D

A few of my good friends: :iconmarialeonsenpi: :iconpinkartsy: :iconmermaidmeow:

Tacos Stamp by CielStudios


Who, what when where, why, and how.

They are the question words and they all start with "w" except for the last one.  This has always bothered me, but now I have come up with a solution.


The first "w" is silent.
The first thing I want to talk about is the clear theme of duality. Their backs are to each other, creating an invisible line that separates them, their colors are red and blue, opposing colors, and they look like they represent light and dark, good and evil. Even the direction their swords are pointed in are opposites, reinforcing how they oppose each other.

The line of sight is clear, starting from the top right corner where the bright light draws the eye, then moving down his sword, over to her then down to her sword into the bottom left corner.

It also creates a great level of intrigue. Her face is masked and his face isn't even visible, and it gets one wondering about what paths they chose and what their stories are.

The theme is intriguing, the art is beautiful, with bright colors and well defined characters, and the use of light is done well to add character.
How I play L.A. Noire:

"Did you do it?  Was that a twitch?  That was a twitch.  You're under arrest."
The colors are soft but bright enough to depict light in certain areas. The cape escpecially draws the eye, and that leads the eye to the sign, then to the temple in the top-left, then down with the birds and back to them. Then the dog, the wing, his leg and back up to them, like a figure eight. It's not easy to draw the eye around an entire picture.

The cape and the petals show off the wind effectively, though it feels a bit cluttered on the right side, beneath the cape. One has to look closely to notice the details due to the shadows, and I'm not sure what that orange thing is, maybe a feather, but that's what makes it feel the most cluttered.

Overall, it's a beautiful picture, with plenty of details to explore, soft yet bright colors that are pleasing to look at, and a nice moment to enjoy.
Does anyone know how to view someone past status posts?

Someone posted a list of music, but I don't have it in my notifications, nor my history, and it's not on their page anymore.  Is it not possible to view them anymore?
So recently I was blocked by two users.  This is the first time I've ever been blocked on this site, and I was quite taken aback both times.  The first time I am not exactly sure why I was blocked, but the second time it was more of a misunderstanding.  I commented on their art and ended on a small joke as an ice breaker, but they were offended and thought I was being disrespectful.  The sad part is that I can't contact them to clear things up and set things right.

Now, this sort of thing has happened to me in the real world before.  I met someone new in a hiking club, which was letting new people come along as prospective new members.  I struck up a conversation with the guy in charge and I thought it went well.  I had fun and wanted to join.  The next day I found out I was one of two people barred from joining.  To this day I don't know what I did or said that got him to think I was a jerk.  But it made me realize that intentions and perception don't always match up.

I've been introverted all my life, but in these past years I've made a lot of progress in being more outgoing and talking to strangers, both in the workplace and in my personal life.  I've gotten a lot better at socializing and being more confident, but I've realized that confidence isn't enough.  Sometimes I get too excited and say the wrong things.  Even though it's not my intention to be rude, that's how I am perceived by people that don't know me well enough to know that I would never try to be intentionally rude.

This morning I saw another example on The Talk.  An obese woman was stranded on the side of the road when her electric chair stopped working, so a good samaritan towed her with their pickup truck.  A pastor filmed her getting towed and said "Only in Kansas City."  People accused him of fat shaming and he was surprised by this, later stating on the news that that was not his intention and apologized if anyone was offended.  Here we have someone who wasn't trying to be mean, but that's how everyone perceived his video.

Not everyone is a natural at socializing, and often their attempts to socialize and make friends come off as extremely annoying or extremely rude.  I've met people like this before, only to realize later that they were nice people who simply were not good and communicating with strangers.

We've all heard "Don't judge a book by it's cover," which means that you can't judge someone on their appearance alone.  But I think there should be more to that saying, such as "Don't judge a book by it's first page either."  I have first-hand experience with this.  The first Harry Potter book I read was Chamber of Secrets in Elementary School, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  I read the first sentence, got bored, put it back and didn't read them for years.  It wasn't until after the movies came out that I read the fifth book and I liked it enough to read the next two, which I also liked.

First impressions are important but sometimes they can be wrong.  It isn't until you get to know them that you find out their true personality.  In the case of the Pastor, he could have been clearer as to what he was talking about, he could have said that he was amused by the situation and not trying to fat shame the woman, but the users could have held back their accusations and asked what he was referring to.  They could have waited to find out if he was making fun of the woman or the situation.

Likewise, one can always take a second to see if what they're going to say can be taken the wrong way, and one can always take a second to see if what they said was meant as an insult or an innocent remark.  Take an extra second or two to see how accurate your first impression is.


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